Our Magnetometers will determine your orientation in Space

Fast and accurate attitude determination is what ZARM Technik magnetometers have been designed for. They are available with two sensor principles. The high reliable fluxgate magnetometers are made for long term missions with high radiation loads. The AMR based devices are small and lightweight, escpecially designed for micro-satellites.

Fluxgate Magnetometer
The HiRel-Magnetometer uses the fluxgate-technology to measure the external magnetic field. Ringcore-sensors with orthogonal pickup-coils, one for each axis, deliver the information for attitude determination. The magnetometer includes the sensors and the electronics into one package. It was developed with the goal to combine low power consumption, low weight and small size with a high reliability for Space applications.
A critical magnetometer property is the dependence between temperature and output-voltage. High qualitative components with very low temperature coefficients and the use of feedback circuits make it possible to get a very low temperature interference. A special package design for the sensors guarantees an excellent axial alignment. Special materials are used for the ringcore-sensors leading to very low noise in the output-signals.

AMR Magnetometer
The AMR Magnetometer is a microcontroller based magnetometer with a digital output and is therefore very easy to use. An integrated three axis sensor based on the Anisotropic-Magnetoresistive (AMR) principle measures the external magnetic field in three directions. A precision A/D-converter converts the analog sensor output voltage into a digital value for the microcontroller. The output of the magnetometer is a digital serial data stream. The standard communication interface is RS422. Other communication interfaces are optionally available.